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Manhattan Parenting: Why We LOVE It Here

Manhattan Parenting: Why We LOVE It Here

Why do you love being a parent in Manhattan? See how our readers answered that question!

We at NYMetroParents and Big Apple Parent asked readers to tell us, in words and photos, why they love being a parent in their particular hometown. Below are the answers we received, sorted by location.

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East Harlem

I love being a parent in East Harlem New York because this is where I was raised and I get to show my child how much culture and history there is also share my memories as he creates his own.



A community garden in Harlem, NYC
We love Harlem! Tree-lined streets, community gardens, lovely neighbors, beautiful homes, and a great place to raise a family. The photo is our community garden - what a great way to meet the neighbors and build a community!

Because it has it all--art, sports, museums, activities related to the season, and lots of families.

Living in Manhattan gives you access to all types of cultural and educational museums, zoos, and theater. I LOVE my hometown. Everyone from all over the world comes, and I get to meet and greet them.

I love my hometown because it's New York City town of many with plenty to do, with a subway system to take you there! Many opportunities for kids to experience greatest exposure are in NYC.  We have parks, museums, theater, dance, sports, gyms, pools, concerts, and much more! We are very diverse--that adds to the excitement and exposure to different culture. No need to travel the world, it's here living in NYC.


Midtown West

Museums, theater, culture, educational opportunities, and many opportunities for mental, emotional, and physical stimulation.

First and foremost, I love being a mom. It's the best joy I ever received. I love my hometown very much and [am] thankful that I'm able to share that with my son Titus. We actually live in the city, 59th Street area, and it's so diverse. Everything is very much convenient, and my son Titus enjoys the Museum of Natural History. His favorite museum is the Children’s Museum of Manhattan. We love going to Lincoln Center to look at ballet. However, my neighborhood has so many things to do and a lot of fun things we can do together, like dinner--just walk around the different areas and get to know what's around. One of my favorite things to do with my son is walk around and sit by Central Park on 57th Street and Fifth Avenue and look at the horses walk by while people ride on them on a nice evening. We also like to relax and exercise and take a stroll just for a nice relaxing day. My hometown is fun, filled of laughter, diversity, visitors, restaurants, malls. And we enjoy all the fun we get to be part [of]. Most important I get to share all my love I have for my hometown with my son together.


Morningside Heights

New York city has so many different cultures and so many diverse people.  We always learn something new about the city the people and little hidden treasures.  We couldn't see ourselves living anywhere else.


Theater District / Times Square

Children's Museum of Manhattan, NYC

I love New York as a parent! Our 7-year-old, who is a New Yorker bred and born, loves nothing more than traveling on public transport. If it's going to an event to visit the Little Red Lighthouse or downtown to the South Seaport, there's always so much to see and do! New York has the excitement that enriches a child's mind and creativity. My son knows the fun playgrounds, and his favorite one is in Central Park. We love visiting the museums together as a family. We pack a picnic in the Summer and love going over to Williamsburg to the Brooklyn Flea.  We like the street fares and the Fifth Ave parades. There's a lot to love in NYC, including my son’s school, which I must say is a very caring and a nurturing environment to learn in. As a parent I enjoy volunteering at the school in Hells Kitchen. We enjoy a stroll through Bryant Park and a ride on a carousel.  Then my son and I walk through Grand Central Station and stop in the the Grand Central train store. We love the changing exhibitions and friendliness of the staff there who we've got to know over the years. So I have to say New York is a magical town to be a parent in if you’re just walking around and you’re on a budget you can have the most wonderful time without spending a fortune!

The great family atmosphere and the awesome activities that Manhattan has to offer is grreeaatttttt.


Upper East Side

I love being a parent in Manhattan because walking around the block counts as an activity! 


The mix of people, the hustle and bustle, the interesting attractions, even construction. The learning for children is endless!

My hometown Manhattan has so many places to visit and [is] kid friendly. It's so convenient to get around either [on] a bus or train or cab. Central Park is awesome in the summer for walk or a stop at a park with your kids. The Central Park Zoo is just perfect. Manhattan has stores to shop, museums to visit, parks to go to, and the right restaurants for a family night out, which are kid friendly.


Upper West Side

There's always something to do with the kids. A new show, restaurant, playground. 

I love all the places I can take my children via transportation. 

I love my Hometown because is wonderful... My family and I are so blessed [to be] living in the 10024 ZIP code area (Upper West Side) because of all the adventures we have.   Museums, like CMOM [the Children’s Museum of Manhattan], AMNH [American Museum of Natural History, and Met [Metropolitan Museum of Art] are at walking distance. Central Park and Riverside Park provide the opportunity [for] kids and families like us to enjoy quality time as well as make many wonderful and beautiful memories that last our lifetime. We are able to explore, investigate, and create a better environment. Not only that, but we also have wonderful public schools, like PS9. Not everyone is able to afford a lot of things, like us, but being able to be close to the parks is a blessing.

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